How We Do It

Targeted Market Research

Our commercial consulting services all start with our home-grown body of market research. We continually study the industry for managed services, capacity leases, and ground segment services. And when a customer comes to us with a specific requirement, we update our body of knowledge for their particular requirement. You can be sure our answers are up-to-date and give an accurate picture of the industry.

Experienced Technical Team

Commercial discussions come back to key technical components and their configurations. Our team have done everything from simple field installations to teleport commissioning and spacecraft payload design. You can be sure to get a reliable and cost-efficient technical opinion for every requirement.

Practical Commercial Expertise

A key difference between us and other satellite industry consultants is that we fall back on decades of practical commercial experience in the industry. We have sold and supported services, transponders, and complete enterprise solutions. And we don’t compete with you — our job is to help you be successful, not to be successful at your expense.

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