Who We Do It For

Satellite Operators

Supply of satellite capacity is way up, and in emerging markets the demand is way down. However, there are still innovative ways to sell satellite capacity! We help satellite operators find the best way to market their under-sold inventory while still maintaining their existing customer channels.

Teleports and VSAT Network Providers

Connecting customers with the right partners is what we do, and that includes placing customer links with the best suppliers. But infrastructure suppliers — teleports and VSAT network providers — have a lot of sunk costs which can be turned into opportunities. Whether it’s excess satellite capacity, space in data centres, or uncommitted Internet transit, we can help come up with a way to turn that liability into an asset.

Enterprise Customers, NGOs and Charities

Connecting the dots is often a confusing and difficult proposition in the satellite industry, especially if it’s not your full-time job. We provide a single point of contact to help people who require satellite and terrestrial telecommunications the right solution at the right price. From a T1 in Texas, to 100Mb of satellite capacity over Bangalore, we’ll deliver the best-fit solution for any requirement.

Hardware Manufacturers

Coming up with the next big thing is only part of the problem! Finding the right customers, expanding across different customer profiles, and making sure your product is clearly differentiated against your rivals are all essential. We bring market knowledge, find gaps, and help equipment manufactures describe and place their products ahead of their rivals.

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